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Would protect the rights of corporations over those of human beings, Would take children from their parents and put them in cages, Would suppress innovation that addresses the Climate Crisis, Would lie even though their lies killed innocent people, Would tax the poor in order to further enrich the rich, Would pass laws that suppressed the rights of others, Would instigate an insurrection to attempt a coup, Would steal money meant to feed the oppressed, Would start a war for their personal gain, Would commit treason to gain power, Would assassinate a President – during a parade in broad daylight?

I have been seeking an answer to that last question for almost six decades. After pursuing every dead-end lead I could find, I finally, about a dozen years ago, found and read an article which not only answered that last question but all of the others, as well! In fact, that article answered questions I hadn’t even thought of! It not only answered my corporation questions but it also answered climate questions, political questions, economic questions, legal questions, historical questions, sexism questions, racial questions, sociological questions, religious questions, media questions, explanations for wars and so much more! I now feel passionately that it is critical — for the survival of all life on this planet — that the vast majority of our unwitting members of humanity not only be urgently educated, regarding the preventable horror we are now racing toward, but also be provided with one solution which opens the doors to multitudes of other solutions! About two years ago, with the goal of saving all of us uppermost in my thoughts, I began creating what has become a trilogy of webpages. They are designed to explain what has been plaguing humanity throughout all recorded history and what we must all now do to first identify and then isolate these particular men — who are now threatening every living thing! With that in mind, at least take a few minutes to read the same article which answered my questions regarding – WHAT KIND OF MEN. It is the vital first link on “The Problem” webpage listed below. That vital link begins with, “Research studies have shown ..." The Problem: The Solutions: The World Crisis/Reset: Respectfully, Terry & the group at No More Insanity Help us save ourselves from ourselves! Email: seeking[AT]nomoreinsanity[DOT]org